Canadian Base Command Team

Meet the team at Canadian Base! We are all volunteers who do this on our own time to promote the club. 

Darren Lai
Base Commanding Officer (BCO)

Darren has been with the Rebel Legion since 2016, a member who has served on Base Command since he joined. Darren was the first recipient of the Canadian Base 'Rebel of the Year' award in 2019, was the lead Legion Charity Liaison (LCL) in 2021, and has been the Leader of Canadian Base since October of 2019.   

As BCO, Darren oversees and administrates base activities with the Command Team. 

Martin McLean
Base Executive Officer (BXO)

Martin has been with the Rebel Legion since 2018. He currently has a Han Solo and Wedge Antilles costume. A respected member who is always willing to help the group. Martin is an active rebel pilot from St. Catherines, who is passionate about aviation and military vehicles. 

As BXO, Martin assists with daily operations, working closely with the BCO. 

Alicia Telepanich
Base Membership Officer (BMO)

Alicia joined the Rebel Legion in 2022. She is a passionate costumer and enjoys helping new members. Alicia has a few Padme Amidala costumes including one first of it's kind based on the Clone Wars tv series. 

As BMO, Alicia assists new applicants and those submitting costumes for Canadian Base.

Media Representatives

Ron Smitko
Public Relations Officer (PRO)

Jennifer Seguin
Charity Officer (CHO)

Base Event Coordinators

Paul Van Dyk
Captain - London Region (BEC)

Cindy Harper
Captain - Ottawa Region (BEC)

Bridget Levesque
Captain - Kingston Region (BEC)

Knights of the Jedi Order (KJO) Detachment Representatives

Brendan May
Kanata Temple Master (TM)

Robbie Elinor
Assistant Temple Master (ATM)

Starfighter Command (RLSC) Detachment Representative

Ivan Lavrence
Aurora Squadron Leader (SL)

Galactic Senate (RLGS) Detachment Representatives

Alicia Paquette
Nebula Delegation Leader (DL)

Allana Myers
Nebula Delegation Vice Leader (DVL)

Internal Representatives

Luc Lavictoire
Merchandise Officer (MRO)

 Support Roles

Katherine Gruben

Davin Aldridge
Graphic Designer


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